The Organic Quick Relief pack is the perfect set of tools to quickly give your body a boost when you feel like something may be coming on. Whether it's a runny nose, sore throat, or just overall energy drain, using these nutrients together will help get you get back on track.

Contains: 1 Organic Mucus Buster 10ct, 2 1ml Organic Cayenne Pepper Tincture, 2 1ml Organic Mucus Buster Tincture


Organic Quick Relief Pack Instructions

 Organic Mucus Buster 10ct

  • Take 2 capsules with food after first symptoms. Take 2 more with dinner before bed. The following day take 2 capsules with your first and last meal of the day.

Organic Cayenne Pepper Tincture / Organic Mucus Buster Tincture

  • Put 5 individual drops of Organic Cayenne Pepper Tincture and 5 drops of Organic Mucus Buster Tincture into 16oz of water. Do this after first symptoms and 2-3 times per day